My 90s Music

Classic 90’s

I’m a kid of the 90s. I love looking back at my time in my prime with great enthusiasm and nostalgia.

The music of the 90’s is my favorite to reminisce on. There were all sorts of great bands and genres. Grunge Rock with Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Hip Hop with Boyz II Men and Kid and Play. Several 80s pop stars made the crossover to the 90s too like Madonna and Huey Lewis. Heck, swing music made a crazy return with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squirrel Nut Zippers. When Frank Sinatra passes away in 1998, his music was played all summer long.  

I love grabbing my old CD’s and playing my old tunes and I’m going to love sharing them with all of you too. Here’s to the 1990s music!!