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Getting Started is Easy

If you’re a writer or a published author, one of the bigger challenges you may face is getting your book in front of more viewers and potential readers. By becoming a guest writer on The Writer’s Network, you’ll create your own web page on The Writer’s Network for your bio and book information, with the ability to link back to your existing website or Amazon page where your book is being sold.

As a guest writer, you’ll have a byline for your posts, which can be excerpts from your book, bio information about yourself, information on upcoming book signing deals, or anything you want to post about that can generate traffic back to your book website or Amazon page. We allow (and encourage) you to link back to your own site or page in order to create more web traffic and sales for your book.

Our goal is to help writer’s generate more organic web traffic and links back to their site. Over 50% of traffic around the web enters websites by clicking on them in organic search results. This means that websites that have invested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are getting over 50% of the total traffic across the internet. If websites rank on the first page, they will see over 90% of the traffic.

The Write’s Digest

Review our services page to find the package that best fits your needs. Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and our Free Service.

Once you’ve decided on the service that fits your needs and budget, that’s it. You’re now a guest writer on The Writer’s Network and you’ll benefit from driving more web traffic toward your book sales.

We’ll also create posts on our Social Media network for every post that you provide to our network. That’s an additional number of viewers who will have the opportunity to see your book (people who may not have necessarily seen or heard about it before).

Our goal is simple: get your book in front of more viewers to get you more book sales.

Drop us a line to see how The Writer’s Network can get you started today.