New Year’s Day-My Prayers

By: Brenda McDaniel My prayers are many. First that love, hope and healing comes for our nation once again. That neighbors care for and love one another. No matter their race, religion, politics or sex. Also, hoping there are fewer disasters caused by climate change. And that there are no more school killings caused by … Continue reading New Year’s Day-My Prayers

A Christmas Wish!!!

By: Brenda McDaniel A time of change, A time of pain. Pandemic keeps coming, National disasters are swarming. But Prayers have saved lives, Amid all the pain and strife. The Star of Bethlehem still shines!!! Faith, hope and love aren’t left behind!! Our Savior Jesus Christ was born!!! We are no longer forlorn! Spread happiness … Continue reading A Christmas Wish!!!

Veterans Day

By: Brenda McDaniel Our Military believes in US!! But they want no fuss. They serve our Country Freely!! Give of themselves, eagerly. Sometimes death does come!! But for most or some. There is no Greater Love!!! Sent from Heaven above!! Than to lay down your life for another!! And Save Your Brother!! God, Country, Honor!!!!

Earthly and Christian Reward’s

By: Brenda McDaniel In this world, sometimes in the workplace , we get rewarded. If we are starting a company and succeed in making it profitable? We are rewarded with success and profit. Or if we accomplish an important goal/task in life or the working world. We are rewarded. Rewarded with congratulations or monetary rewards. … Continue reading Earthly and Christian Reward’s