9/11 Changed Us Forever

By: Brenda McDaniel      September 11, was a day that changed America forever. It shook us to our very core’s. It made us realize how fragile life is at anytime. And how it can end anytime without warning. Sometimes it can end quickly and violently. We realized terrorism can strike anytime and anywhere. Whether it … Continue reading 9/11 Changed Us Forever

Using Your God-Given Gifts & Talents

By: Brenda McDaniel God gives each one of us many gifts and talents. Each of us are unique and special, no one is like you. We are unique in appearance , how we live and deal with life. And our skills/talents, if we try can be learned or developed to the ultimate potential. Such as … Continue reading Using Your God-Given Gifts & Talents

Resilience In Dark Times Season’s Change

By: Brenda McDaniel Sometimes life changes. It becomes hard, unbearable, painful and sad! Leaving us wondering why, how and leaves us in shock! Why did God allow this to happen? How could this happen? And we are in shock, that something this painful could ever happen?      God gave man free will. And man brought … Continue reading Resilience In Dark Times Season’s Change

My Author Journey V

By: Brenda Mcdaniel This is my final article on my journey as a author. I hope my article’s helped any beginning author in publishing/marketing their books. In this final article I am going to list experts, marketers, and publishers, That have helped me along the way. Book Publishers Ghost writers-Rainbowing.comBookbaby PublishingKindle Publisher'sChandler BoltCoastal Winds Publishing … Continue reading My Author Journey V

My Author Journey-VII: Important Contacts/Publishing

By: Brenda Mcdaniel  This article will cover important people you need to know or have as your contacts. To help finish your book or advertise it. An important thing to do first, when starting to write your book. Is to get to know other author’s book’s in your genre. Especially the best seller’s. How they … Continue reading My Author Journey-VII: Important Contacts/Publishing