Feli Sebastian

Feli Sebastian is author of Broken & Beloved and a retired licensed clinical psychologist as well as founder of Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women, which is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive aid to formerly incarcerated women when they return to their community. Sebastian is on the board of Recycling Furniture for Families and For A Better … Continue reading Feli Sebastian


By: Feli Sebastian Today marks the first birthday of “Broken and Beloved”. Its birth opened a whole new world to me. It is both exhilarating and invigorating. Like a mother, I have watched with pride and joy its growth and the number of people whose lives were touched by my book. My heart overflows with … Continue reading “BROKEN AND BELOVED” ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Reader Encounter#7 Broken, Beloved, and Transformed

By: Feli Sebastian Teresa was already active in the community helping formerly incarcerated women rebuild their lives long before I founded Labyrinth House/Labyrinth Outreach. When she heard about our intention to create an organization only for women, she jumped at the opportunity. She became an important resource for the Board and the staff as we … Continue reading Reader Encounter#7 Broken, Beloved, and Transformed