Brummet Media Group

Welcome to Brummet Media Group, by Dave and Lillian Brummet. The Brummet Media Group, works with authors and writers in networking and author submissions to their blog site. As writers themselves, you can check out all their published work on their Amazon page. The ideal people and customers The Brummet Media Group works with are readers who enjoy positive and … Continue reading Brummet Media Group

Women’s Jealousy

By: Lillian Brummet The girl in white lace and shiny gray stockings, Attacks every man with her nightmarish taunting. Her beauty is rare, her movements are sure. Her casual flirting leaves minds in a blur. Women both hate her, and dote on her too. They wish they could be that woman anew. But they’re only … Continue reading Women’s Jealousy

Embracing Change Through Poetry

By: Dave Brummet The Brummet's began writing professionally back in 1999 and wanted to use this as a tool for sparking positive change and motivating readers to lead more proactive lives. According to Lillian: "Poetry has the unique application of allowing the writer to express their own hopes, dreams or pain, and to explore creative … Continue reading Embracing Change Through Poetry

Celebrating An Inspiring, Innovative Business

By: Brummet Media Group Many of our loyal readers out there are already aware that Dave and I relish celebrating conscious and proactive entrepreneurs who are working to make a difference in the world while providing their services. Today I am thrilled to highlight a local Kootenay-based business with this wonderful discussion below.  We first … Continue reading Celebrating An Inspiring, Innovative Business

Feeling the Rhythm Through Rhyme

By: Lillian Brummet A professional drummer/percussionist and educator, Dave has collaborated on many songs that later led to him writing lyrics of his own. Most of his poems in this book were in fact initially written as song lyrics, thus the presence of repeating choruses though out. Actually it was Dave who first sparked the … Continue reading Feeling the Rhythm Through Rhyme

A Realistic View of Being Self-Employed

Provided By: The Brummet Media Group Being self-employed requires a lot more than what most people realize. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, you'll want to know all about your field, your products and your customers... but you'll NEED to know about running a business. It is important for business owners to realize … Continue reading A Realistic View of Being Self-Employed

Affordable and Delicious Seasonal Menu Planning

By: Brummet Media Group Seasonal menu planning utilizing highly nutritious fresh foods does not have to be time consuming or expensive. In fact it can be quite frugal and delicious at the same time. Eating healthy is not always the easiest with the temptation of fast, easy food all around us. Sourcing your food from … Continue reading Affordable and Delicious Seasonal Menu Planning


Provided by: Brummet Media Group With funding support from Columbia Basin Trust and donated greenhouse space provided by College of the Rockies, the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition (Farmer’s Market and Harvest Share) is pleased to announce a new program for Creston area residents. Interest is growing in this new program called “Growing Fresh” hosted … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE – GROWING FRESH April 2021