Dad’s Cookbook

The Cookbook for Dad’s Who Can’t Cook

Learning to Cook With Dad

I wrote Dad’s Cookbook as a necessity for all Dad’s out there who can’t cook. Like many first-time father’s out there, the first time I had to make dinner, it was a complete disaster. My wife told me it would be pretty easy: “Just put the Mickey Mouse ravioli in the microwave for two minutes and you’ll be fine.” Two minutes later I had burned Mickey Mouse ravioli, two starving, screaming toddlers, and no dinner.

After that experience, I realized that if I wanted to be a good Dad (and remain a good husband), I needed to figure my way around the kitchen. I started compiling my list of simple “Dad Recipes” to get me through what I figured to be the next 15 years of making dinner a few nights a week for my kids.

Cookbook for Dad’s Who Can’t Cook

My cookbook for Dad’s is pretty simple. At first, I couldn’t figure out a measuring spoon from a shovel. I created my cookbook to get myself through the dinner hour – “keep it simple, stupid” was my mentality.

The Cookbook for Dad’s Who Can’t Cook

My list of Dad recipes grew, and that’s where my book came from. If you’re a master chef, or even a pretty good cook, my cookbook is not for you. If you’re a Dad who doesn’t know a meatball from a baseball, well, this cookbook is exactly what you need.

For Mom’s and Kid’s, my cookbook makes a great Father’s Day gift or great stocking stuffer for that cook in your household who just doesn’t have a clue.

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