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The funny thing about business today is great business ideas can easily get started with two co-workers going out to lunch and kicking around a few thoughts on a Friday afternoon. That’s how we did it!

As writers we’ve experienced the exuberance of writing and publishing that first book. Telling all our family and friends that we are finally published authors. Seeing our name splashed across our Amazon page next to our book title.

We’ve also experienced the lows when we found out that 99 out of the 100 copies sold were bought by good Ol’ Mom.

Our mission at The Writer’s Network is creating business, relationships, and networks for ourselves and for the businesses and individuals we work with. By forging strong business relationships first, we have found success in building a strong business.

Our goal and our mission with this website is to assist fellow writers with getting their published work in front of more viewers. Through our platform, writers are able to post content with links back to their own website, Amazon page, YouTube page, or wherever. With our social media plugs as well, we will push your content in front of more viewers, which of course means more opportunity for sales.

Check out our services and see what fits your publishing needs. Not sure? Get in touch with us today and we can review options with you.

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