New Year’s Day-My Prayers

By: Brenda McDaniel

My prayers are many. First that love, hope and healing comes for our nation once again. That neighbors care for and love one another. No matter their race, religion, politics or sex. Also, hoping there are fewer disasters caused by climate change. And that there are no more school killings caused by bullying or emotional problems. We need to also take care of our mentally ill. So they won’t end up in jail or on the streets. We need more funding for services for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled. Most of the hospitals are closed and the severely disturbed have few places to go for treatment.

This nation’s hospital’s are crowded. And the nurses and doctors etc. are exhausted. People dying by the thousands unnecessarily. Because of refusal to get needed shots or wear masks. No matter how many loved ones may die, their rights come first according to them. Or perfect stranger’s getting ill because of their selfishness. This nation needs healing and peace from this pandemic. Start putting other’s first. That’s what this nation was founded on. Neighbors helping neighbors. No matter what the circumstances.

Love, hope and healing are my prayers for us all. And may God help us all. What are your prayers and actions doing to help us all?

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