A New Thanksgiving

By: Brenda McDaniel

     Another year is near the end. And we celebrate another Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for in your life? This nation and world have suffered through various things. Natural disaster’s, Pandemic and man made problems. It is a hurting world crying out in agony. Nature groans because of climate change. And the animals and insects are dying from extinction caused by man’s folly. And humans are dying unnecessarily. From believing in lies and arrogance. Instead of expert’s, doctor’s and scientists.

     This Thanksgiving take a look at yourself and our world. Decide what you can do to make it better? We need to fall on our knee’s. And thank the Lord for many things. Like the health experts, health worker’s, frontline worker’s and the vaccine are all blessings. From the Lord to stop death in it’s tracts. To thank him we’re still alive to enjoy our loved ones and families. There will be many empty seats at our Thanksgiving tables this year. We need to reach out to other’s who are hurting. And need the Lord. Love one another. No matter their race, religion, politics, economic status or sex. We are all in this world together! And must protect God’s beautiful world. And protect ourselves, other’s from lie’s and arrogance. Always believe the truth based on facts. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Let the Lord in your life. And your world this Thanksgiving. And find true peace, love and faith, forevermore!

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