By: Feli Sebastian

Today marks the first birthday of “Broken and Beloved”. Its birth opened a whole new world to me. It is both exhilarating and invigorating. Like a mother, I have watched with pride and joy its growth and the number of people whose lives were touched by my book. My heart overflows with gratitude as I count my Blessings:

Author Feli Sebastian

*** my loving parents, Miguel and Felisa for their legacy of unconditional love, strong faith in God, and genuine service to others.

*** my seven affectionate siblings for their constant support and belief in me.

*** my dear husband, Jim for his patience and understanding of the demands of an author wife.

*** my God-sent editor, Charlene for her expertise and steadfast guidance to help me become a better writer.

*** my remarkable encounters with my world-wide readers, their heart-warming reviews and encouragements that led me to more collaborations for the marginalized.

*** my amazing local business colleagues who provided space and time for my book signing events.

*** my talented but humble Writers and Artists Groups at Alignable, who willingly share their techniques in writing and art.

*** my faithful Facebook Friends and Followers for their steady support of my posts: your reactions and comments inspire me to continue writing.

Broken & Beloved

And most importantly, “Broken and Beloved” also inspired me to create a new project with a group of local professional women called, Extraordinary Women Project BN. Its mission is to honor women whose lives are marked with tenacity and perseverance amidst challenges and how they inspire others without public recognition or outward leadership roles.       

To ALL of YOU, Thank you.  I look forward to another year of adventure and growth!

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