The Healing Time!!!

By: Brenda McDaniel

Our nation has survived and so has our Democracy!! It’s now time to

stop the anger, lies, arrogance and stupidity. The Pandemic has taken

 over 700,000 lives, some needlessly. We’ve lost numerous loved ones

and friends. But there is a light at the end of the Tunnel. The brightest

light being our Lord Jesus Christ. Who is with us always and forever.

And vaccine boosters  are coming soon to all !! So listen to the scientist’s

and health experts. People who really know what they’re talking about.

     We have a new President Biden now, so give him a chance. Listen

closely to his words and you will see his heart. He has served our

nation for decades. And is knowledgeable and a devoted public servant.

He believes in Truth, Honor and Diplomacy. Working closely with all

people, listening to all, before making decisions. Even if you didn’t vote

for him or always agree with him, support his office. He was elected by

a majority of our people and this is what our nation is all about!! Honor,

Duty and Country, the code of our military, of our people and our President!!

     Love, support your neighbor’s!! Yes no one is the same! Different races, skin

color, cultures, beliefs, religion and traditions. But we are all the same!! This name

is what our foes and friends, world-wide call us!! This name has been used for

centuries. The word or name for us is “AMERICAN’s”!!!! One for all, all for one!!

The musketeers code, should be our motto also. Reach out build our nation

Together!! Never again let anyone tear it apart again!! God Bless America!!!!

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