Keeping Your Resume Up To Date

Keeping your resume up to date is an important step in your professional career. Similar to seeing your doctor and dentist for routine checkups, you should visit your resume on a routine basis to update it with your most recent job, skills, and accomplishments.

Importance of an Updated Resume

The importance of updating your resume is simple: if you walk into work today and find out you are part of layoffs or cutbacks, you want to be able to hit the job market immediately. If your resume is up to date, you won’t lose days or weeks getting it updated before you start looking for a new job.

How Often SHould you Review Your Resume?

A simple rule of thumb is to review it on a quarterly basis. Any new skills, training, or certifications that you received over the last quarter will still be fresh in your mind. It’s easier to update your resume while these accomplishments are still fresh. Trying to update your resume and remember back on the previous year is a tough task and inevitably you will leave off important accomplishments that may help your resume stand out from the competition.

And as mentioned to start, if you walk into work today and find out you are part of a mass cutback, you want to be sure you can immediately begin submitting your resume to companies that afternoon. Don’t lose the next precious days and weeks trying to update your resume: be ready to strike.

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