Earthly and Christian Reward’s

By: Brenda McDaniel

In this world, sometimes in the workplace , we get rewarded. If we are starting a company and succeed in making it profitable? We are rewarded with success and profit. Or if we accomplish an important goal/task in life or the working world. We are rewarded. Rewarded with congratulations or monetary rewards. Or we finally graduate from high school/college and we feel we’ve accomplished something. And are rewarded with a good job sometimes. But rewards aren’t assured, we may not succeed in business or the working world. We may not graduate from high school/college. But what keeps us going is the willingness to try again. Never give up on your goals and finally succeed. Or change your goals to meet the situation.

The Christian in this hurting world, is a person of perseverance, hope, faith and love. And does the best they can to live a life according to the Bible or Christ’s teaching. They try to reach out to other’s to help the hurting, (spiritually, mentally, emotionally). But may not see the rewards of doing God’s work in this world. They don’t always succeed in changing other people’s lives if they won’t listen. But sometimes their lives lived as a devoted Christian. Even after they leave this world. Has made a difference in the world and has changed other’s lives. So the Christian’s rewards in this life, may not be visible immediately. But the real rewards for a Christian are knowing they lived their lives for God. And their example reached some in this world. And helped others see the truth of the Bible. And helped heal a hurting /broken world to some degree. And hopefully showed other’s the love of God and his healing power!!

King James Bible-St. Mark-13:33-Take heed, watch and pray:  For ye know not when the time is come.

My Angel, My Hero by Brenda McDaniel

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