The Morning World

The morning sound carried the hum of the crashing waves; the tranquil roar was peaceful yet still provided an underlining force.

The gulls swooped the shore line, cackling as they swooped the sand crabs, dropping them on the harsh sand surface below; to crack their shells and feasting on their meat.

In the distant ocean view, a single pelican glides just feet above the ocean. Watching and waiting for the fish to show themselves so he can snatch his morning meal.

The sun, which once peaked from the far horizon line, now shines brilliantly in the early sky. Her rays, like outstretched fingers, glisten the shimmering waves.

The night storm is a distant memory. Her trail is only found in the torn dunes and violent ocean currents. In the deep northern distance you still see her power, as she pounds the northern coast.  

The new day beauty has awaken. She warms the day as she dries the shore. She is upon us as she awakens the sleepy shore. 

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