Search Engine Optimization and your Website

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the key to getting your business website found organically. While the bottom line for search engine optimization has remained the same through the years, i.e., getting your website ranked high in search engines, the elements of what gets your website ranked has changed over the years.

Content is King

The constant factor in search engine optimization in Google’s eyes throughout the past two decades is content. Strong, searchable, readable content is what has always attracted Google to ranking websites favorably throughout the years. Business owners should create content for their website that their audience is searching for.

Additionally, the content on your website should be as specific as possible. If you are selling customized New Your Rangers jersey’s, you should tailor your content as specific as possible to New Your Ranger’s customized jersey’s and not have broad subject like sports apparel as the searchable phrases on your website.

Ongoing SEO Development

One factor that remains constant in SEO is the criteria to get your website ranked high is always changing. Google never stays stagnate in regards to its algorithms. It’s important to understand what’s applicable today may not be applicable tomorrow. As technology changes, Google changes their algorithms so it’s important to stay on top of what’s current in the search engine optimization front.

Learn more about SEO and best practice tips for your website.

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