We Went to The Zoo!!

By: Steve and Brenda

To us two kids, the city zoo,

was so cool.

Lions, tigers, bears, monkeys

and foxes in their lairs.

Our neighbor Russell took us there,

he liked zoos and fairs.

A family friend, an older man,

who had a dark summer tan.

He took us to the donkey ride,

Steve rode in front, me on the other side.

Russell walked beside me and behind.

But the donkey gave no sign,

and it suddenly kicked.

And Russell licked,

his lips, laying on the ground.

Trying to stop cussing with everyone all around.

Everyone was laughing, except Russell trying to get us away,

as he no longer wanted us to stay.

So setting on a soft pillow,

the poor fellow,

drove us home.

Never more to roam!!!!

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