Broken, Beloved, and Transformed

By: Feli Sebastian

What I have learned through my encounters with my readers is that after they have accepted that they are broken but loved by the Beloved, they are transformed. They change their lives and are an inspiration to others as they embark on being messengers of love.

Today’s story is about a woman named Heather. She took a wrong turn when she was young and made several mistakes she is not proud of. She ignored all the warnings and advice from her family and friends. She realized too late that they were right. She was already in the bottom of the PIT and was incarcerated.

While separated from those who genuinely loved her, she realized how much her friends and family mean to her and how much she had hurt them. Their steadfast love became her anchor to pull out of the PIT. And slowly, little by little, she began to acknowledge not just her mistakes but also her strengths and her value. She recognized that deep down she was not a bad person. She was arrogant and stubborn and had been hanging out with negative influences.

Once she made a pact to amend her ways, she reframed her stubbornness into persistence and her arrogance into assertiveness. She dreamed of helping others who were formerly incarcerated and their families. She established her own hair salon, went back to school, and has been a support for other women. She gives credit to her daughter and her faith in God in sustaining her new-found life.

Heather recently started a nonprofit organization called “ART from the Heart” which aims at providing art sessions for children of men and women who are incarcerated. The goal is to rebuild the children’s relationships with their parents through art. Congratulations, Heather, on your success!

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