Reader Encounter #5

By: Feli Sebastian

At my book signing at the Coffeehouse in Uptown Normal in mid-December I had a decent gathering of people. That is until I looked out the window and across the street at Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream (now named Theo’s Microcreamery) where there was a line snaked past three stores. I should have paired my book with a free Hot Cocoa Bomb! 

However, I would not have traded my buyers for theirs. One of which was a young dad who came over to purchase a book. He introduced himself as Matthias, a financial adviser who owns a local business. Being short on cash, he tried an ATM in the store. Five times, it gave him an error. Not to be swayed, he walked to the end of the block to find another one. A few minutes later he returned with a smile.

I commented on his persistence and we chatted about this valuable attribute. He said his persistence has been invaluable in his business and his family life. He continued to say he was purchasing the book as a gift for his wife and proceeded to show me photos of her and their children. I was so appreciative that he took the time to not only buy “Broken & Beloved,” but to share a meaningful conversation in this world that seems to spin faster everyday (although a bit slower since COVID, right?).

I look forward to each and every reader interaction and appreciate you!

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