What Do You Think About? Part 3

He got up from his chair and walked toward her. He looked into her tear-filled eyes and stared. His hands on her shoulders, gently stroking and rubbing them in the soft, deliberate manner he always had. He could not muster the strength to tell her exactly how he felt as he knew that would hurt her and would certainly end their love. He just stared into her eyes without saying a word. 

Finally she pulled away, moving a few steps from him with her back towards him. He could see her wiping the tears from eyes. “I think you should go now,” she finally got the courage to say. “I think it’s best you leave.”

He stood motionless for a few seconds, but then began to step towards the door without saying a word. As he made his way out, he stopped at the kitchen. It was the room that gave him joy, doubt, and pain. He stared into it as he heard her holding back her tears. He glanced at the walls and the furniture before grabbing his coat and walking out, never once looking back at her, but thinking of the room that brought him such emotion. 

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