9/11 Changed Us Forever

By: Brenda McDaniel

     September 11, was a day that changed America forever. It shook us to our very core’s. It made us realize how fragile life is at anytime. And how it can end anytime without warning. Sometimes it can end quickly and violently. We realized terrorism can strike anytime and anywhere. Whether it be domestic or international terrorism. So we went after the killer’s, who slaughtered our innocent people. And our brave military hunted them down. And we knew they would fight to the end rather than being captured.  We came together as a nation, neighbor helping neighbor. People rushing toward the danger to help others. Our brave heroes who rushed to save the lives of others. And many lost their own lives in doing so. The numerous firemen, policemen and regular people, who rushed to save others in New York. And at the Pentagon. And let’s not forget those on the plane. That rushed the hijacker’s, running toward the bullets. To try and save those onboard the plane. And stop the terrorist from crashing the plane into the White House or the Capitol building. And they ended up crashed in the field in Pennsylvania. But they sacrificed their lives for this country and our people.

     Let’s use our Hero’s examples and come together as a nation once again. Especially during this pandemic. Let’s start acting like people, who care deeply for others. Honor our nation and it’s Hero’s, in the past, 9/11 and the future by loving each other. For they were willing to die for us and our country. God help us all!! And bless this Country!!!

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