Effectiveness of Blogs to your Web Traffic

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your website. Google and other search engines crawl websites by understanding the content, keywords, and key phrases in your website. The more relevant content Google finds, the more your website will be crawled and ranked in search results, thus more potential for new visitors.

Write for Audience, not a Search Engine

Of course it doesn’t really matter how much you write if your message isn’t conducive to your reader. Although you are writing with the intention of highlighting a specific keyword or key phrase, it’s important to remember to write for the intended audience and not necessarily Google.

It won’t matter how much content you have on your website if it doesn’t provide your audience with a message and an action. Your readers are the bread and butter to your website. Provide them the content with which they want to read or learn more about. Don’t over saturate your article with keywords.

Ongoing Blogs

Set a schedule for yourself. Start by trying to write a blog article a week. Once that becomes routine, add a second and so-on. If you write it, your readers will come.

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