Reader Encounter #8

By: Feli Sebastian

I cannot tell you how humbled and enriched I am with every encounter I have with my readers. Here’s another “God incidence”.

A gentle, humble woman who wishes to remain anonymous reached out to me after reading my book “Broken & Beloved”. This woman who I will call Monica, emailed me and asked if she could talk to Mary Campbell and me about Dreams Are Possible. She acknowledged that her part was simply to pave the way for her church, Second Presbyterian, to better serve our community. She does not want to accept the credit, but simply wants to give back the glory to God. 

Monica said that after reading my book she wanted to know more about Dreams Are Possible. Her request sounded urgent, and we met the following day in the Dreams Are Possible training center. We gave her a tour and shared its history. She said she wanted us to meet her pastor and explore ways to help Dreams.

In our meeting with them some needs of the women/students and the training center were identified. It was an awesome experience as this church was sincerely and generously offering the use of their space (classrooms, kitchen, auditorium, dining hall) for free as well as offering access to their on-going programs such as a clothing pantry.

This connection paved the way for Dreams to conduct its OSHA training at Second Presbyterian. For two Sundays, March 7th and 21st, our OSHA teacher held her five-hour class in their large, beautiful and well-equipped technology classroom. Tammy and Terry saw to it that we had everything our OSHA trainer needed. At the end of the ten-hour, two session training, the Dreams participants received an OSHA certificate card and a cash incentive for their perseverance in completing the training. The OSHA training is crucial to the future endeavors of these women as it gives them additional credentials when they apply for a job.

In that meeting with Monica and her pastor, Birthright and YWCA Labyrinth Outreach also were connected to their “Clad Tidings” clothing pantry and hundreds more will benefit.    

It was a “Win-Win-Win-Win” for Second Presbyterian and three local organizations because someone cared enough to listen and help others in need. Thank you.

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