Beach Games: Run the Bases

For any baseball enthusiasts out there, Run the Bases (or also known as Hot Box) can be a great way to spend the afternoon on the beach. It’s fun for the family and fun for an entire group of people.

How to Play Run the Bases

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a ball, a bunch of people, and lots of energy

  • A ball: it can be a tennis ball, paddle ball, or just a rubber ball
  • Draw two boxes in the sand 20-25 feet from each other
  • Two people (usually the dad’s) start by manning each base and throwing the ball back and forth
  • A bunch of kids running back-and-forth between bases trying not to be tagged out

From there you are entertaining the kids, the family, and of course random kids who join in throughout the day. Afterwards, everyone jumps in the ocean for a swim!

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Beach Run the Bases

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