Resilience In Dark Times Season’s Change

By: Brenda McDaniel

Sometimes life changes. It becomes hard, unbearable, painful and sad! Leaving us

wondering why, how and leaves us in shock! Why did God allow this to happen?

How could this happen? And we are in shock, that something this painful could

ever happen?

     God gave man free will. And man brought sin into the world disobeying God’s

guidance. But when our Savior Jesus Christ came he said, “ He would never leave us alone.”

And he would be with us always..

     You can see God’s mercy and Angels working even during this pandemic. Healing

those near death and his ministering Angels watching over them (Nurses, Doctors, EMT’s)

etc. Yes a lot have died, but when your time comes, nothing can stop you from leaving

this world, for your eternal destiny. Our resilience has been shown in many ways.

      My family’s bad time’s have been numerous, lately too. At Christmas my niece had a

bad car wreck. She suffered brain injury and near death. But, her guardian angel, her

grandmother watched over her, ( as Casey saw her during the wreck). And my niece

survived with no side effects and has a second chance at life. Our families numerous

prayers were heard and answered. My cousin had breast cancer and again our prayers

helped her overcome. Then her husband had lung cancer and he passed away. And

my brother had tongue cancer twice and has overcome it. Again through many prayers.

     My point is yes there are hard times, but the sun will shine again. If we can pull together

as the family of man, with hope, faith and love toward each other and the Lord. But either

way we will find peace. Or your eternal reward according to the life you lead NOW!!

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