A Lost Soul

By: Brenda McDaniel

I never knew love or kindness,

So, I suffered in blindness.

Hated people, despised myself,

Put my heart on the shelf.

Why was I born?

All I do is mourn.

No happiness, no reasons,

I just survive the seasons.

I heard a voice say,

I love you, don’t stray!

For I rolled away the stone!

You’re never alone!!!

My Angel, My Hero

If you are looking for hope to live, faith to go on, and real love? I hope you consider reading my heart touching book! It may bless you in all these ways. It may help you have courage for tomorrow. It is written from my heart to yours. You’re not alone! This world isn’t the end but only the beginning!! God bless you in your journey of life!! If you decide to read my book, please leave a review?

My Angel, My Hero by Brenda McDaniel

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