By: Feli Sebastian

Silence is the first language of God!

I love silence. I cannot start my day without spending at least 20 minutes of quiet time as soon as I get up every morning. It’s a practice I have been doing for 37 years now. It’s called by many names such as meditation, Centering Prayer, Contemplation and so on. For me, the name is just a formality. It’s ritual that has been a part of me that if I skipped it, I feel something is wrong. I feel like something important is missing.

What is Silence? What is in IT? In the silence, I find Me and God; just the two of us. And many things happen in the Quiet, too long to list. Sometimes there’s peace, sometimes distress. In every sitting I do, I’m face to face with the raw of me, who I really am. No judgments. No Evaluations. No Expectations.

It is a place where I am. Just Be.

About the Author

Feli Sebastian is author of Broken & Beloved and a retired licensed clinical psychologist as well as founder of Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women (a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive aid to formerly incarcerated women when they return to their community).

Broken & Beloved is her first book. 

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