An Odd Cookie

By: Feli Sebastian

I go to Holy Trinity Food Pantry every Friday morning to help repack frozen foods such as chicken, meats, bacon, carrots and etc. I also help repack snacks such as crackers, pretzels, and cookies. In one of those Fridays, we repacked about 30 boxes of cookies with 4 plastic trays in each box and about a hundred of cookies in a tray. When I opened one box and pulled a tray, this is what I saw.

An Odd Cookie
An Odd Cookie

Are you an “odd cookie”? Do people see you as an “odd cookie”? Is it true? Being odd is not bad or ugly, neither does it mean unlovable.

It simply means: different! It means being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected.

Being odd requires the courage to be different and being at ease with it. It also requires equanimity and a conviction that “I’m Okay”.

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