Our World/God’s World

By: Brenda Mcdaniel

     I grew up in the sixties. A second child of a nurse and ex-Navy man. He fought in WWII. My name is Eileen born two years after Earl my brother. In the sixties era we enjoyed nature and all the forest animals. We ran through the woods surrounding our home in Virginia. We enjoyed being kids, no fear and worries back then. Life was simpler and people were more easy going. They even left their door’s unlocked. The sun shined bright and the many bird’s flew through the sky. And sat singing their sweet songs in the trees. The rabbits, possums, groundhog’s, snake’s and even fox’s ran through our yard and surrounding woodlands. Walking to school we saw numerous fish, frogs, turtles, worms and all the rest of God’s creatures. They came to the creek to drink or cool off their bodies. We also had a variety of insects flying, crawling around. Bumble bees, wasps, flies, mosquitos, butterflies, moths, even fleas etc.

     But, as the years passed and we got older. Our nation began to turn it’s back on our living environment. Politicians and business people were more interested in making money. No matter the consequences to our natural world. People paid off politicians to ignore or cancel our environmental protection laws. No matter the cost to our natural world or it’s people.

    Now as we go outside there aren’t any insects, birds, woodland creatures to marvel at their uniqueness and beauty. The trees, bushes, grasslands, flowers and plants have dried up and died. For without pollination of insects, plants, trees etc. God’s creatures can’t survive. A lot of creatures are herbivores and eat plants. Others are carnivores they eat meat or other animals. And neither can survive without other plants and animals. And there isn’t enough oxygen in the atmosphere to breath outside now. As plants give off oxygen and have died off now. The  plants, insects, animals are almost gone now. Because of toxins in the air and land such as fertilizer and air pollution. We see two headed frog’s and other animals that are deformed.  And not just here but world wide in countries with no environmental protection laws or are  not enforced. The majority of countries don’t seem to care about nothing but making money. So our natural world  will finally be completely destroyed. Nature, animals, plants and humans will eventually pass away. For we can’t produce food and other products without plants and animals. This world is slowly dying and all because of greed, selfishness, short-sighted politicians. And because of business owners or wealthy companies, that put money above the health and welfare of others. And all of this in the end won’t buy one more day of life, after we lose our health. And we can’t bring back our dying world.

    So we live now in a strictly controlled inside environment like a bubble or greenhouse. Inside we try to grow food to survive and pump oxygen through the building to help us breath. And when we go outside we wear space type suits, with pumped cooling systems and oxygen tanks. All because the earth and sun are humid and hot. Because of no plants to help cool it down. And greenhouse gases have changed the weather. And we have blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods etc. more often.

   Mankind is at its end now, no more second chances now to save our world. We have destroyed God’s beautiful world. All his creatures and nature. We who are believer’s know God will return to save us and take us home. Finally home to Heaven. No more struggling, pain, loss and ignorance. And no more living with the greed and evilness of men. For they have destroyed God’s beautiful world. And all the blessings it once gave or showed us humans. God will judge us for sacking, poisoning and destroying his magnificent creation. (His World), that he gave us to nurture, take care of and wonder at it’s beauty and miraculous creation. But now we’re going home to heaven, (the saved ones). No more worrying about our next breath. Or where our next meal will come from, our clothing. And how to live as our medicine is running out.  Where our water is coming from as the ground water, river’s etc. are dried up or toxic because the Earth’s atmosphere is heating up. Cause of global warming and increase in gases.

    Praise God as we see him in the sky. Finally coming to take his sheep home. And deliver us from this evil world. We fall on our knees praising and thanking him for loving us and caring. So much that he died on the cruel cross. And was buried, resurrected and ascended into heaven sitting at the right hand of his father. And all will be judged for our sins, but because he lives, we can be forgiven.

    Praise him, he didn’t forget us. And came to deliver us from the ignorance and evilness of those who destroyed his gift, Our World/God’s World. And there will be a new world and we will live in heaven for eternity. With peace and love that surpasses all human understanding. Praise the Lord.

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