My Author Journey VIIII

By: Brenda Mcdaniel

     In this article, I will discuss paying for courses/webinars or not? Types of these classes and prices? And new marketing techniques. In my two and one-half years as a writer/author. I have seen multiple courses offered. Some worthwhile and others a waste of time. When deciding on these check with other writers opinions about these webinars/experts. As a lot of people say they are experts and definitely are not,  but push these webinars. But some are experts and are worth listening to. Check their history, following/background as a writer/marketer. And how many years they’ve been in business. And another rule is don’t pay high prices for a course. That you can get from someone else free or at a lower price. And is comparable to the same course. And if your just starting out, in particular. Don’t payout huge sums for these webinars. And especially if your funds are limited. Most things as a writer you can find out yourself. By constantly studying and researching topics. Such as how best selling authors market or sell books? But this doesn’t guarantee what they do will work for you. You have to continually do testing in writing/marketing of your book. And decide what is working and best for you or your book.

     I am going to suggest some webinars and experts I follow myself. And who have been around for a long time. Rebecca Matter, AWAI is good if your interested in copywriting or freelance writing? Steve Harrison/Mark Dawson are experts in marketing. But can be pricey, but do offer free webinars etc. David Steel, (Writers is good for freelance/paid writing tips. Ray Brehm teaches writing techniques etc. Laura Rike that I mentioned in an earlier article, helps you market on Pinterest. And there are numerous others that have helped me. And again you don’t have to payout a lot of funds for their expertise. So look around and investigate and decide who can really help you, in writing and marketing. And lookout for scams or over priced webinars/experts, who are a waste of time.

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