A Day at the Beach

If you were to ask me my favorite way to spend a day, my answer would simply be a day at the beach. Just a nice relaxing beach day where I can sit by the ocean and read a book. Ok, you caught me; sit by the ocean and enjoy a beverage!

The beach wasn’t always my favorite place. No, far from it. As a young kid I hated the beach. My parents would drag me out of the shore house to get me to go to the beach. Somewhere in my late teens and my early twenty’s, things began to change.

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

A trip to Jamaica will change anyone’s feelings towards the beach. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t anything like that. My love for the beach just seemed to happen with time. My interests in life were changing and so was much appreciation for the beach.

Beach Games at the Shore

I no longer saw that boring place with nothing to do but sit on my parents beach blanket caked in sunscreen. I saw a place to take daytrips with my friends and make memories that would last a lifetime.

The Beach Gene

Even though I thoroughly disliked the beach for about the first fifteen years of my life, I do believe I have a beach gene somewhere within me. There’s just no denying it. Whenever I am there, I get myself up plenty early and head for that shoreline.

I’m lucky enough that my children seem to have that beach gene too. They have loved it since they were little. When they were very young we would build sand castles and play games like paddle ball. I think their experience at a young age made a difference for them and their initial love for the beach.

And it goes without saying that I married a girl who loves the beach as much as I!

Whether your place is at the beach or skiing down a mountain or fishing on a pond, here’s to enjoying your metaphorical day at the beach.

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