Under the Blood Tree by P.J. Grondin

I enjoyed reading “Under the Blood Tree“, a suspense novel by P.J. Grondin. First, the characters were very well-written. All of the major characters had very clear, unique personalities, and it was easy to keep everyone straight. I enjoyed “meeting” them as children during the back story part of the book, them comparing those early impressions to the adults they became by the “present day” part of the story. It was interesting to see how each one matured, and was affected by the events of the past.

Under the Blood Tree by PJ Grondin

The mystery itself was also very well-plotted. There were a lot of intricate details that all fit together perfectly as new clues were uncovered and new evidence came to light. Everything made sense in the end. The main thing that I have to say is that I was so impressed and pleased with the level of detail and interconnected plot points throughout this novel. It was so INTRICATE…the author obviously devoted himself to making sure all the tiny elements worked together properly, and that not a detail was out of place. If you’re expecting a good mystery/suspense story, you won’t be disappointed. But this book is so much more….the detail, the many small connections, the intricacy….this book was a breath of fresh air!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the detailed descriptions of the trailer park, the local area, and the lake. I felt like I could close my eyes and actually see what the characters were seeing. The weather plays a big role in the plot, and I appreciated seeing the effects that it had on the characters and town.

All in all, I can happily rate this book five out of five chunks of spicy Pepper-Jack cheese!

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