My Author Journey-VIII

By: Brenda Mcdaniel

In this article I want to continue with how to market your book. And also educating yourself as an author. As I stated in a previous article, I started out promoting  my book with free social media ads. I advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and expanded to LinkedIn. I found that just commenting, liking and getting to know follower’s is most important to do first. When you place ad’s and just ask strangers to buy your book, who don’t know you. This can be a waste of time and effort. People don’t like sales ad’s alone unless they know the company or person. To be of some value/importance to them. They don’t like pushy sales ad’s or people. So I started creating content I thought they (follower’s), would like or relate to. And then mention my book and what it offers to them. This type of ad goes over much better with most people.

Now on whether you should initially pay for ad’s and advertising. I would say no, put yourself/book, out there first. There are many free promotion’s you can do. In book reader’s clubs, book groups on Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I also recently joined a media group for business/author’s etc.. This will help you meet your peers and create more contacts. And meet collaborator’s who might help sell, advertise your book or business. And you help them also. And you might find someone to write an anthology book together and advertise it together too.

And there are numerous book groups/reading groups that are free to list your book/books on too. I will include a small list here too. 1. this is a Kindle book club-20 dollars a month 2. 3. Book this includes author interviews 4. 5. Olto books com 6. lists internationally. Just look under Google for further groups and reviewers.

Next article I will talk about webinars, experts and groups to further your knowledge as an author. And how to use challenge and question book funnels to help increase your book sales.

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