Whiffle Ball Games

I was at the beach this past weekend, and while I love all the different beach games families play these days, I took notice to a larger group of people playing whiffle ball on the top portion of the beach.

Beach Games

Whiffle ball in the summertime remains my favorite of all summer games. It quickly takes me back to my days a as a child and all the summer days when we played whiffle ball (and stick ball) for hours upon hours.

Beach Whiffle Ball Games

The thing about beach whiffle ball is there are definitely a few different games you can play.

  • There is the traditional game of two teams with the hitter running the bases and the fielders trying to get the runner out
  • There is the Home Run Derby tournament: one of my favorites
  • And there is the one vs. one game where the beach chair acts as the catcher and there are lines drawn in the sand for a single, double, triple, or home run. If you’re unfamiliar with this version, you should check out my book, Beach Games at the Shore where I have an entire section dedicated to whiffle ball games.

Family Beach Games

Whether it’s whiffle ball games or another beach game, be sure to get out to the beach this summer and enjoy another great day at the beach with the family.

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