My Author Journey-VII: Important Contacts/Publishing

By: Brenda Mcdaniel

 This article will cover important people you need to know or have as your contacts. To help finish your book or advertise it. An important thing to do first, when starting to write your book. Is to get to know other author’s book’s in your genre. Especially the best seller’s. How they write, what do they cover and their writing techniques. You can also join groups on Facebook, Goodreads and LinkedIn etc.. Such groups as writing, marketing, author or groups in your genre or type of book. Such as Memoir groups or types of books such as ebook’s, or audible book’s. And join last but not least writing groups. They can help with about any questions you may have as a new author. Such as book design, cover’s, how to hire illustrator’s etc.. You can join writing organization’s or websites. Such as Writer’s Digest, Writer’s, American Writer’s Artist Institute and Freelance Writer’s Den. You can also follow known book experts. Such as Steve Harrison, Alina Vincent, Adam Houge and Chandler Bolt and many more. You need to educate yourself in many different ways as a new author. Especially in writing and marketing your book.

Now for marketing and designing your book. If you decide to self- publish take webinars and connect with self-publishing experts. By self-publishing this doesn’t mean you do it all by yourself. Self-publisher’s like Bookbaby, Chandler Bolt, and many others will help you in self-publishing/marketing your books. You can also use Fiverr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to find help. Help with book design, illustrator’s, book trailer’s and other marketing experts. And if you decide to use traditional publisher’s. Like Page, Covenant Publisher’s etc. they do most if not all of the book formatting, design and press releases etc.. But you have to do the majority of the marketing. And of course the costs may be a little higher. You must decide what you can do yourself and if it will be better? So you see you don’t have to do it all by yourself. And you definitely need to investigate anyone you decide to use in helping to develop or market your book/book’s.

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