Generating Web Traffic through your Blog Posts

Blog posts can be a very powerful tool for your business website. Blog posts allow you to stay in touch with your customer base while also continually allowing you to add fresh content to your website. That’s a win-win.

Win #1 is that Google loves websites that stay active with new content. Google looks very favorably to websites that constantly update their website with new, interesting, and relevant content. By creating a blog strategy, and remaining disciplined to remain faithful to updating your blog consistently, is one of the many secret sauces in Google’s algorithms.

Win #2 is by consistently updating your blog, you are consistently talking with your customer base and leads. Providing your customer base updates to your business, services, or products keeps you relevant in their minds. While they may not necessarily need your service at that moment, your blog is a constant reminder to them of the service you provide.

What to Blog About

Your blog should absolutely be relevant to what your customers and leads want to read from you. While a post about your rose garden may be interesting to you, it probably serves no interest to your customer base if your in the tire business.

Your customer base is reading your blog because of the business that you provide. Keep it relevant and be consistent. Staying the course with your blog could be the difference in a new customer or two (or three or four).

If you need assistance with creating a blog strategy for your business, Oxford Comma Solutions is here to help. Contact us at The Oxford Comma Solutions for more details.

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