My Author Journey-VI

In the previous articles I talked about setting up your websites or book site’s, marketing ideas. And about book editing, cover design, also author bio. The last article was about Google and Amazon algorithms. I discovered that apple, Kobo and Bookbub sites also used algorithms. But Bookbub allows you to use authors names/book titles as keywords in your ads. Read books about algorithms like How to Market a Book by Ricardo Fayet and etc. These will make it clearer and less complicated in using algorithms for book site’s and most search engines.

In this article I will go into some ways of finding reviews for your book/books. I used Facebook groups mainly when I first started. Book read/review groups, for e-books and audible formats. Or author groups that exchange reviews. I also used friends or followers to read/review my book. And I ran ads for my book on Facebook and various other sites that I joined. Like LinkedIn, Instagram,, Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads. I joined Goodreads groups to get reviews also. I found out later that Pinterest is more a search engine like Google , instead of a media site. By taking courses or webinars offered by Laura Rike an expert on this site. She has a Facebook group also for Pinterest users. In other words you use keywords and hashtags on your board’s/pins in order for followers to find your board’s.

Most ads do better though if you have content, (story, poem or offering something of value) to readers. And be sure to include a landing, (website) to capture their email. On most media site’s you follow other’s and they follow you. And you develop a working/personal relationship with them. And then they are more likely to read/review your books. The best way to get followers is putting content out and also putting your book site’s/websites URLS on the posts or ads. Book groups such as booksniffer, bookois etc. are good places to get reviews. Local book lover groups can also be used. But usually have to be a member but not always. So virtually anyone you know or groups you join can be good places to advertise books or get reviews.

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