A Little Fiction, A Little Nonfiction

As I mentioned on my profile page, I have always wanted to write my memoirs. The stories that I am going to layout are one piece fiction and one piece nonfiction – more on that in a bit.

I once read that a good writer is also a good story-teller. I think that describes me perfectly. While I have never written a story or anything else before this, I certainly could always tell a good story or two. And I think that’s what has excited me so about this opportunity; I finally have the forum and place to write (and tell) my stories.

The Stories I Tell

Some of the stories I will write will be completely true in nature while others will be stories that I have been kicking around in my head for decades. The stories that I wondered if they could possibly make good short-stories or could be the framework of a novel are some of the stories I’ll share. So, I guess that doesn’t really make this my memoir.

Anyway, I will never give away which stories are true and which stories are not. I will just write them and let you enjoy them. As a first time writer, I hope you will grant me a bit of leniency to start. I am very excited to begin writing and seeing my thoughts in print (or I guess I mean digital print).

Here’s to the stories I will tell and to the cast and characters I have met, loved, and shared good times with through my years. Here’s to you.

An Unknown Author

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