More Beach Games

If you love beach vacations and you love just sitting around enjoying the feel of the sun, the sounds of the waves, and the smell of the ocean, but you have little ones you have to keep occupied, you know there are more beach games to enjoy and create plenty of family memories with.

More Beach Games

Summer Activities While on your Beach Vacation

Let’s start with activities away from the beach. There’s plenty to do and still enjoy the sweet satisfaction of a beach vacation. Try bike rides, kayaking, or just flying a kite. There’s also miniature golf and water parks to consider. You may even find a zoo close to your shore town to go visit for an afternoon before you head back to your summer rental to light up the BBQ.

Get creative with your summer plans this year. Check out my book, Beach Games at the Shore for more fun, family activities for this year’s summer vacation.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!

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