Content and your Search Engine Rankings

Your websites content and your search engine rankings are closely tied to each other. Without strong, relevant content on your website, your search engine rankings will simply not exist.

Google judges all websites on its relevant content. Content plays a major role in Google’s search engine algorithms. Strong landing pages with 300-500 word, with well structured content, will be looked on much more favorably than a landing page with just a few words.

Content and your Website

Your content should always be relevant to your website. For example, if you sell flowers, the content on your website should be able different types of flowers, potted plants vs. actual flowers, how to trim a rose bush, etc. Your content should not be about automobiles, sports, or airplanes. Those topics are not relevant to your website.

Be sure your content is unique and is readable to actual humans. Do not write your content with the intention of trying to be found on Google. That’s an easy way to loose your readers and visitors.

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