Independence Day – July 4th

We celebrate July 4th, as our nation’s independence day. From  British governmental control of our colonies. Our nation’s Patriots and leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Fought and helped form our Democratic government. The government was based on religious and individual, (although slavery still existed) freedom. And the government was a democracy, (of the people and for the people). To prevent tyrants from taking over the country. And the military was put under the government but very limited in it’s power.

We nowadays are living in a democracy with freedoms our fore-fathers fought and died for. Especially our brave military. Although our country isn’t perfect. And still has racial unrest, political and police problems, in some parts of the country. We are still the nation that refugees head for in time of trouble or oppression. They yearn for freedom and a good future that our country offer’s.

We nearly lost our Democracy when our capital was attacked and invaded. They attacked our national Capitol building. The very symbol of our Democracy. But our nation’s patriotic police and military, risking their own lives. And some gave all, (losing their lives). Saved our very Democracy or nation from disaster. Always remember when we forget what Democracy is and don’t support our government. Don’t go vote or let restrictions be put on voting rights in anyway. We will eventually destroy our nation. And set ourselves up for a possible tyrant/dictator to take over our country and government. Life, Liberty and Justice is what our Democracy’s ideal’s symbolize. And we need to especially honor and support our military. And those that gave all, to protect our freedoms and way of life. God Bless America!!!!

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