Classic 90s Vol 1

So, I’ve always had a love for music. I can remember sitting around the house as a kid and my parents playing their old 45’s on the record player and we would just listen to them all night.

My grammar school and high school years were the 1980’s and that was a great time period for pop music. Some of the all time great pop stars came from The Big 80’s: Madonna, Prince, Bryan Adams, and even Tina Turner made a huge comeback in the 80’s.

Those were really great bands that produced really great music. For me, I associate all the hits from the 1980’s with my childhood. My college years and post-college years were the 1990’s and that is the time period that resonates so soundly for me. It’s the period I grew up.

And growing up also meant my music taste was growing up too. When I started college, I had an immediate transformation in my music. Out with the pop stars and in with the classic rock period. Looking back, my taste in music changed because I wanted to be more “grown up.”

In my early college years I listened to the classic rock bands of the 1960’s and 70’s. My room became littered with cassette tapes of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, and The Steve Miller Band.

My pop days were behind me and I was living my classic rock days. Little did I know though, a band from Seattle was sneaking into dorms across the country and would soon change the music landscape for the next decade. Little did I know this band would completely reshape my music love too.

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