Eating Healthy

They say eating an apple day keeps the doctor away, well it actually takes quite a bit more healthy eating than just an apple to stay healthy.

Eating and staying healthy is often times easier said than done. After all, we all want to be healthy, but following a healthy diet does require discpline.

Eating healthy should be a gradual transformation. If you try to go cold-turkey all in one shot, you are bound to fall right back into old habits because you are craving the not-so-healthy foods that you are so used to.

Instead, one healthy item to your diet each week and remove one unhealthy item from your diet each week. For example, instead of snacking on those cookies in the middle of the afternoon, swap them out for some carrots. If you never ate vegetables with your dinner, or rarely ate them, add a vegetable one night per week over the next seven weeks. Mix in a salad with that Friday night pizza.

If you have struggled with eating healthy in the past, try a gradual approach over the course of a few weeks and months and you are bound to start seeing some good results.

Here’s to staying healthy!

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