My Author Journey-V

By: Brenda Mcdaniel

In this article I will discuss Amazon’s algorithms. And how they can make the difference if your books get noticed or sales. And other marketing techniques. By algorithms I mean what Amazon uses to rank your book . They use several algorithms. The most important algorithms are best seller, (sales) and popularity of the book. They use categories, sub-categories or different genres/keywords.  Algorithms are as I said how they rank your book in different categories or genre’s and using keywords. You need to use specific or laser focused categories or genre’s and keywords that relate to your book. And try to use unique or less used keywords. Up to about five/seven keywords and again less used one’s. Amazon lists book’s under different keywords such as spiritual, Christian, Angels , WWII etc. Any word that describes what your book is about. You need to pick keywords that are specific to your book but possible less used. This will give you a better or higher ranking possibly. Your genre’s need to be specific and try to use at least three genre. I use Kindle memoir/biography, and memoir short reads as my categories. Amazon allows up to five/seven keywords usually if traditionally published. Self published author’s in some instances can have more than five keywords.

You can put these keywords/genre category on all your media sites to get more traffic to your sites. Put them in your content or these pages in some way. Google uses keywords to rank and Google your sites too. So look at other books similar to yours and see what keywords they use. And what gets the most clicks on sites/google/Amazon etc. You can type in keywords on Google and see what ones are used most often in your genre or similar books also. Then you can determine how to help your ranking by copying best seller books keywords if appropriate for your books. Amazon lists keywords on book sites that best seller’s use. So check on book sites to see if they still allow them.

All of this takes some work and doesn’t have to be complicated. There are numerous experts, books, websites, webinars that help you understand exactly what to do and how to do it. You can look for algorithms on that’s a good start. One good book on Amazon algorithms and marketing is How to Market a Book by Ricardo Fayet.

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