Book Review: Studying Scarlett the Grey

By Kelle Z. Riley (Provided by A Bookish Mouse)

Studying Scarlett the Grey” is the 4th installment in the Undercover Cat mystery series. This book definitely meets the high standards set by the first three books! This time around, Bree goes undercover at a rental company for a seemingly simple assignment that quickly becomes much more serious.

Studying Scarlett The Grey

The plotting of this story is very well done. The action moves along at a solid pace, with plenty of time for character moments along the way. All of the clues are there for the reader to discover along with Bree/Cat, and it was interesting trying to review everything as Bree does every so often, and try to figure out the culprit. I figured out part of it (fairly near the end), but the author still managed to surprise me with a couple of things!

In addition to the main mystery, there is some follow-up to previous storylines. I’ve read the first three books (I LOVE this series), but I think someone starting with this book would be able to follow along without any issues. Personally, I was happy to see the mentions of previous cases and events. There are also further developments in the Bree/James dynamic, and some hinting at Bree’s future with Sci-Spy.

A few things that make this book stand out in the cozy world:

  1. Bree herself…she’s smarter than the average cozy heroine, and isn’t afraid to use her brain to help solve cases.
  2. The whole Sci-Spy aspect….this gives the storyline more of an edge than the typical cozy. There’s a sense of higher stakes and more realistic danger, without crossing the line into graphic content.
  3. The secondary characters…there are several who appear just the right amount to add to the story without overwhelming the reader.
  4. The Bree/James/Matthew relationships….this time around, James and Matthew spent some time together, which I thought added a fresh touch to the romance storyline. I also enjoyed the time Bree and James spent alone, and learned a few handy self-defense and survival tips along the way.

All in all, five out of five chunks of ultra-sharp cheddar!

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