My Author Journey-3: First Things First!!

By: Mcdans Books

When I finally received my book. I found out getting review’s were most important. Page publishing sent pages of magazines to submit my book to. So I sent my book information but had no replies. As they receive thousand’s of inquires.

My Angel, My Hero

So I started with Facebook which I had been on since 2014. I had over 4000 friends on it after awhile. I built two Facebook pages and published them. The first was about my book called My Angel My Hero. I constantly updated it, (book events) and wrote content on a regular basis. At least 3 or 4  a month, particularly on holidays. The second page was my newsletter. My newsletter contained all kinds of content. Info on post’s about my book. Posts about holidays, political posts, other stories, poetry etc. I also posted about other author’s book’s and wrote reviews/interviews. How I got so many friends? I did this by reaching out to them sent requests, messaged them on holidays, birthday’s, death’s, birthday’s, etc. After about two year’s reaching out to them as an author/friend they contacted me with a friendship requests. I no longer had to contact them or request friendships. As they referred me to their friends. So reaching out with your heart, (emotionally, mentally), and being a real person. This opened doors to friendship. Just posting ads trying to sell book’s doesn’t work as well. You touch them in ways, you never imagined. Only then request reviews/reading of your book/book’s. This is true whatever social media sites your on.

I also joined numerous book groups, marketing groups and author groups. And any groups for reader’s. And publishing, marketing, writing, editing groups etc. I also joined some friends page’s, author’s pages to get more reviews/reads and contacts. I also tried running ad’s for my book on Goodreads and Facebook. And sold book’s that way too. Also tried newspaper ad’s that didn’t work so well.

The next steps for me were going on book site’s and claiming my author profiles or author page’s. Like on Amazon, (, Goodreads, (my author profile), bookbub, Kobo etc. And on, (where book is sold), you download pic of yourself and book if necessary? And on author central  and Goodreads you have to fill-in and answer questions. Add your pic, book pic, author bio, and book synopsis. So you see, much is involved in getting all your social media and book site’s ready. You must do these first  steps to create branding of your book sites and connections. And reach out as a real person and not simply as an author wanting to sell your book!!

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