My Author Journey – II

By: Brenda McDaniel

As I stated in my last article, I was well satisfied with my new book. And thought Page Publishing did a good job. But found later on that I will have to re-edit for long sentences and couple of grammatical errors. So before your book is finalized, you must check the book cover, editing, bio and the synopsis.

Making sure all is written well and will help sell your book. It’s a hard job finding a good editor so double check your book for editing errors before it’s published.

Brenda McDaniel The Writer's Network

Page sent me, after my book was published. Several pages of magazines addresses and places to write for reviews. They also sent pages of how to start marketing your book. Surprise!! I thought they would do all the marketing for my book? I should give them credit. They did send out press releases to numerous book websites, social media, radio stations, television stations, newspaper outlets etc. They also put my book on lots of book selling sites, like Amazon, Goodreads, author central, bookbub, google play, Kobo and apple etc. So they did start the ball rolling in initial marketing of my book. But, I had the idea that I would only write not have to market my book. And my book would sell by itself once listed on these sites. This is where author’s aren’t told in advance, that they have to market their book too. You build your author platform and put your books on social media pages by yourself. The platform includes website, newsletter, landing page, blog etc. Your media sites are like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and alignable etc. You also even though my book was on book sites, like Amazon. Need to develop your author page on these sites too. And refer your book listing back to the author page. Like on Amazon, bookbub, Goodreads etc.

One other thing I found out after the book was published. That it is good to have a pre-launch of your book. Even before it’s published. Which means have beta-readers ready to read/review your book. Using your PDF file of the book. And to run posts on social media ahead of time to build up publicity or interest in the book early. I will get more into what’s required of an author in my next article. And what my experience’s were as a new author. Who sometimes had to learn the hard way about the writing experience!!

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