My Author Journey

By: Brenda Mcdaniel

We had moved away from our family home after both my parent’s passed away. My brother and I rented another home; I was retired and my brother (Steven) was still working.

As I sat watching TV or working on the computer, I kept seeing ad’s from publisher’s about getting your story or book published. I kept thinking about my special parents and the thought’s about writing their story kept coming back. All the miracle’s and blessing’s the Lord gave our family began to flood my mind. It was as if the Lord was telling me to write and what to write about.

Their Story

I felt compelled to write my parent’s love story. Not only love for each other, family and the Lord, but to tell about an everlasting love. A love that carries on even throughout eternity.

So I wrote the book in about 3 or 4 months and submitted it to Page Publishing and felt so happy and blessed when I received their acceptance letter. They were a traditional publisher, well known with a good reputation.

It took about two years to get it published as I had some financial difficulty and missed payment’s. The day I received my books (10), was a joyous day. I felt so proud and blessed by the Lord. I felt he had given me the will to write and guided me every step of the way. I felt and still do that the Lord had given me a mission to tell other’s of his love, mercy and forgiveness, and about the many miracle’s and blessing’s my family received from him. Especially about our most important blessing’s.

Our angel (mom) and our hero (dad), who left behind a loving family, friend’s and perfect stranger’s; who were blessed by just having known or met them.

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