Joan Fischer – Freelance Writing, Blogging, Marketing

Hi, I’m Joan Fischer. I’m a blogger and freelance writer. Technically I began my writing career back in college in the early 90’s. I had a column in my school newspaper and I wrote freelance for local newspapers covering school board and township meetings.

After graduation, I continued freelancing for a bit, but when I was offered a fulltime job in a different industry, I jumped at it because, well because it was a fulltime job with benefits, paid time off, regular paycheck, and job security.

Career Change

Without even knowing it, that job began a career change for me. Initially I thought I would be in my first job for a year or so until my writing took off. Well, one year became two, which became five, which became ten. A few promotions and raises along the way, and writing was quickly in my rearview mirror.

Returning to my True Love

I continued in my field but I began jumping company to company, although I was feeling fulfilled and not enjoying what I was doing. I was in my early 40’s by this point and chalked up my feelings to mid-life doldrums. But after a few more years and job changes, I finally realized what I was missing in my career: I missed writing.

In 2013, I picked up some freelance writing gigs. I immediately felt the rush and the enjoyment of working again. I wasn’t slipping into mid-life doldrums. I just missed writing.

Freelance Writer and Blogger

By 2016 I was all in. I left my fulltime job and began my writing career. I launched my writing and blogging business, JF Publishing and Marketing. Today, I continue writing on a fulltime basis. My clients are small to medium sized businesses, as well as individuals and entrepreneurs.

I assist in everything from website content, blogging, internal company communications, and assisting other small business owners in just getting their communications together.

I hope you follow my work and reach out to me for assistance.

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