What is your Favorite Summertime Activity?

Summer is my favorite time of the year. My mind drifts back to being a kid and how long the summer seemed to go. The weeks between the last day of school and the first day of school were an eternity. All the adventures and things I planned for summer were limitless.

My grandmom used to say “once you hit the Fourth of July, summer was over.” I never understood that until the past few years because it seems once July 4 hits, the rest of the summer just flies by. Before you know it, it’s Labor Day Weekend.

Creating Beach Memories

That’s partly what my book Beach Games At The Shore will do for you. Some of the games in my book will take you back to those lazy, hazy summer days as a kid. You’ll remember these same games yourself on the beach years ago and the fun memories they’ll bring back.

Beach Games Ideas
Beach Games at the Shore

These beach games will also create new memories for you and your family as you begin your own family beach vacation memories.

If you love vacation at the shore, but sometimes get into a rut and struggle for ideas of things to do with the family once you are there, Beach Games At The Shore will give you plenty of ideas for this summers vacation.

Beach Games At The Shore

You and the family will never be bored again. Get plenty of ideas and lost of fun with my book “Beach Games.” I promise you will walk away from this summer like no other summer before.

Visit my Beach Games page.

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