How to Write About the Foods you Love to Cook

A simple question today: Do you like food? Well, if you like living and surviving, my guess is “yes” you like food. Developing a cookbook is one thing; writing interesting facts about food to include in your cookbook, to entice people to try your recipes, is entirely different.

Food Ideas

When I initially began thinking of writing a cookbook, I wanted something more than just my crazy recipes on a page. I wanted a story with each recipe. I wanted to convey to my readers how and why I came up with a specific recipe and what that meal means to me.

I’ve only been cooking for a few years now. I began cooking out of necessity for my kids. I was home with them at dinner time, so it was either we starved or I figured out how to cook.

When I was younger and single, I simply stopped on my way home from work and grabbed something, or I went out with friends or co-workers for some drinks and dinner. Neither of those were really good options for two young toddlers.

Getting Started

My first adventure into cooking was a complete disaster. I microwaved and burned Mickey Mouse ravioli. That’s a task that’s neither impossible to do, yet somehow I managed to accomplish it. Despite my kids being four and two at the time, it’s something they still bring to my attention all these years later.

So, even if you’ve never picked up a spatula or even boiled a pot of water, it’s ok. My cookbook is meant for you. The recipes are simplistic and pretty “Dad Proof” so I think you’ll be ok.

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